Facebook là gì?

Some of you have properly heard about Facebook or maybe you even have a profile page on there. Thus for those who don’t know what it is: Facebook is a massively multi-player online role playing game in which objective is to collect “Friends”. I like it because I’ve never had many friends in the off-line world. I learn to Facebook friends now, if I got so many, I find it helpful to organize into different categories, I don’t know if you do this. The smallest group in my list is called:

<People I Sometimes Physically See>

That basically are couple of people in my church, and a guy who run the corner shop, Oh and Dane Geld…

Another group called:

<People From The Past>

But know these of people I used to know at school or university or every place of world, who for whatever reason stop comunicating with me. And I suppose the reason we fail to stay in touch might be that we had nothing in commom. But now of course we certainly do have something in commom again: we are all on Facebook.

Largest category is the one I called:

<People I know from various websites who I’ll properly never actually meet>

that’s mainly people from YouTube and Piontless Internet Argument Forums and Idiot.com…

And the last group is the <Good looking females> group, which is sub-divided into:

<Way too young>
<Impratical or Unavailable>

And this seems to be the best thing about Facebook. On the rare occasions I have nothing else to do in the evening, I can happenly spend hours just browsing the photographs of the women in this group, and checking for changes in relationship status. There’s nothing better than finding out that an atractive woman broken up with the boy friend…

See you on Facebook!


3 Responses to “Facebook là gì?”

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